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1. Monthly Drawing Challenges

Live video lessons, printable packets, instructor feedback & community support.

November- Urban Sketching
December- Portraits Made Simple
January: Color

2. From Stick Figures to Savvy Sketches: the eCourse 

Transform your stick figures into engaging sketches in this choose-your-own-adventure course.

3. eCourses: BAD Artist Bootcamp and more

Bad artist? There's a course for that. Drawing in San Miguel de Allende? There's a course for that. Studying master Nicolaides esoteric drawing methodology? Yup. There's a course.

4. Interviews and Inspiration 

Interviews with artistic thought leaders such as Betty Edwards, author of the world's #1 drawing instructional book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

5. Caring Creative Community

Get motivated with fellow students all over the world, here in your online art studio. With live calls and interactive feedback, our community is the next best thing to being in class in-person. 

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